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The Backstory


“I vividly remember my first time picking up a camera when I was 9 years old. Tracing the back of the emblem, I thought to myself, ‘how can so many moments be captured on a device so simple?’ I have always been intrigued.” 


My love for photography was originally birthed as a musician.


That’s how it all started. I loved coming up with all of these random ideas for my album covers. 


Towards the end of my contract deal with Bentley Records, I was in a slump artistically, and I couldn’t think of any new concepts to write about. Later on that week, I was invited to explore the city and take some pictures for fun. 


I soon fell in love with the art, and we were shooting photos almost every night. Small brands started to take notice; so I decided to go ahead and buy my first camera. The rest was history.


Shortly after, I assembled a small team of photographers, videographers, and models.


We push each other to think outside the box, and create visuals no one has ever seen before. 

Our team is always growing, and pushing forward, so we can change the world one project at a time. 

Let’s make some magic!!



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