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The Set Up

Jay has always loved music. He began to play the piano at the age of 6 and never stopped. After quitting lessons at around 8 years old, Jay finished teaching himself how to play. He started writing and producing his own music at the early age of 9. In 2012, he directed and played the keyboard for his church's youth praise team. Jay gradually started to develop an undying passion for the music. His musical abilities did not stop there, and that year he taught himself to play the electric guitar and soon began playing guitar regularly for his church praise team. In addition to the guitar and piano, Jay taught himself how to play the drums, and various other percussive instruments. He created and directed his church's youth praise team all while still in high school. He hopes for his team to become a part time production group for a major record label.


What is "Fresh Sounds?"

"Fresh Sounds is a genre that I created for my own style of music production. It's a smooth-sounding combination of R&B, EDM, Trap, and Hip-Hop. The idea behind creating a genre was so that I have no limitations. I am free to think outside of the box, and in doing that, I want to work with every person, from every culture and heritage, all around the world. Fresh Sounds is much more than a genre--It's a movement to bring people together from multiple different backgrounds to make dope music. It honestly doesn’t matter what genre you normally do, what ethnicity you are, your financial status, your race; it doesn’t matter if you are an outcast. Anyone can be part of the Fresh Sounds movement. I work with a talented team of people that i formed into a international music production business to achieve this dream. 'Jayductions LLC' is just a platform that I step onto to achieve that goal; my team is aspiring to create something that no one else has done before us, because this movement is way bigger than us. We are just a part of it."

-Jay Allen, Executive Producer and CEO




Jay Allen


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